Stifel is a full-service wealth management and investment banking firm, established in 1890 and based in St. Louis, Missouri. The Company provides securities brokerage, investment banking, trading, investment advisory, and related financial services through its wholly owned subsidiaries to individual investors, professional money managers, businesses, and municipalities.

For more than 125 years, meeting and exceeding the objectives of our clients has positioned our firm for success. We believe that by placing the clients' interests first, they prosper. It is when our clients prosper that the firm succeeds. At Stifel, we can truly say that we predicate our success on the success of our clients.

We are nurtured by years of trust and understanding, and by shared goals and shared successes. It is our relationships with and our commitment to our clients that enable us to develop innovative financial strategies. Our creativity allows individuals to pursue personal financial goals, helps businesses to raise capital, and empowers communities to offer a higher quality of life.

As we progress, we're dedicated to providing superior services and products, the newest technological advances, and industry-leading client communication, plus the professional knowledge and exclusive research that help our clients pursue financial goals.


By listening — really listening — we understand where our clients want to go tomorrow.  With more than 125 years of experience, Stifel knows how to help them get there from here. We can help our clients build wealth, assist them in preserving wealth, and we can guide them in passing that wealth to their heirs in the most beneficial, tax-efficient way. What that means is that our associates serve generations of clients, working toward goals for today and tomorrow.

Whether it's securing a comfortable retirement for our clients, providing the benefits of a college education for their children or grandchildren, ensuring the continued success of their businesses, or helping them pursue personal goals that require financial strength, our associates have the resources to meet any challenge. That is our charge — meeting the demands and rising to the expectations of our clients.

For our clients — individual, institutional, corporate, and municipal — we strive to remain the Advisor of Choice by understanding their needs and consistently providing quality advice. For our associates, we aim to be the Firm of Choice by attracting and retaining experienced, entrepreneurial professionals and fostering a culture of unconfined, long-term thinking.

Please visit www.stifel.com to learn more information.